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"Mark, enjoying the book. Brings back alot of old memories. I read about 20 pages a night before bed and end up having crazy ass dreams about old times and people. Great book." - DM (9/26/14)

"Fantastic read! The book is well detailed, you can actually picture yourself in the Author's situations. Interesting stories about gangs, not the same kind you hear about on the news. The Author gives us a close up of the underground world as it intertwined with his childhood years. Excellent read, pick up a copy you won't be let down." - MC (8/6/14) as posted on

"I read the book last week. It brought back a lot of memories, LOL. I liked it. Congrats." - JM (8/3/14)

"Finished the book a few days ago. Loved it." - BM (8/3/14)

"Mark, WOW. I started reading the book, all this time I thought you were my innocent friend in 8th grade, but WOW. I can almost figure everyone out, just a few I have not. Congrats though, the book is great!!" - JD (7/16/14)

"Romantic Violence in R World is an extremely interesting and shocking book about what it’s like to be a teenager growing up in Chicago, at least during the 1980’s. It reads like a cross between a diary and a romance-adventure novel." - Illinois Herald - 'Chicago Gangbanger Book climbs 13 million spots' (7/15/14)

"Considering I'm not a big reader, it was a really, really interesting book. I'm impressed. It was pretty accurate too. Good job." - EW (5/22/14)

"Dude! I just read your book man. You are a good writer. My girl agrees. Basically, we can't put it down bro. Great read." - JS (3/7/14)

"The book is so real. It's not exagerated, it's not sugar-coated, just real life. This is a book people NEED to read, especially my generation." - MT (2/28/14)

"I just finished reading your book. I couldn't help but notice so many similarities as I was reading - the neighborhoods, all star games, forts, fires, etc. It was really nice to hear you talk about everyone in such a revering way. Although I needed to leave that life behind, I never stopped thinking about those guys and missing the times together." - ML (12/24/13)

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