Life's Lessons

From the book Romantic Violence in R World


If you're ever freezing to death and you feel yourself getting tired, groggy and light headed, don't rest too comfortably. You'll fall asleep and freeze to death. (pg 25)

The more people you know and are friends with, the more fun life is. (pg 40)

Acting and being in a play is considered by a lot of people to be a dorky thing to do. But girls get into it and if you're a guy who's secure enough in your manhood, it can be fun and cool. (pg 45)

Don't act like a spaz. Be cool. Always be cool. (pg 45)

If you're gonna pull a knife, you better be prepared to use it. (pg 50)

Don't be afraid to dance. And don't be afraid to sing. (pg 53)

You can go through life loving or hating yourself. Try to love yourself, as hard as it is sometimes. (pg 58)

Just because you don't believe in something doesn't mean it isn't real. (pg 88)

Have a little faith in your kids. (pg 88)

We're all afraid. It's what you do in the face of fear that makes the difference. (pg 106)

Really good friends are hard to find. They don't come around that often in life. (pg 108)

Females get really horny when they have their period. (pg 109)

If you put in enough time and effort, you'll eventually get a chance. Just don't make yourself look sad and pathetic, or psychotic. Keep your cool, alway keep your cool. (pg 116)

Sometimes all you can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. (pg 171)

New guys, especially on the job, always get the grunt work. Don't take it personally. (pg 206)

Trains can be unexplainably silent sometimes. Or more often, you see a slow train coming, cut in front of it, and get killed by a fast-moving train that you couldn't see right next to it. (pg 300)

By getting involved in politics and elections, you can turn your one vote into 100 votes or more. Why just be one vote when you can increase your electoral weight a thousand percent. (pg 323)

Anytime a girl seductively stares at your lips, she wants you to kiss her. (pg 334)

Love conquers all. (pg 372)

For rich people and suburbanites, the surest way to get troublesome city kids to come back to your suburb is to tell them to stay out. (pg 374)

If you ever hear a girl say, "Don't worry, if you're with me, you'll be fine", run for your life. Girls can't protect you and if they have to say that, it means you're already in danger. (pg 407)

A guy with a girlfriend is more attractive than a guy without one. (pg 418)

The good die young, nice guys finish last, no good deed goes unpunnished. (pg 430)

Life's a two-way street, you get what you give, what comes around goes around, karma's real. (pg 459)


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