Chicago Gang Histories


For as long as there have been teenage boys, there have been street gangs. The only difference between a club and a gang is the public’s perception of them. Chicago has the most colorful and storied history of street gangs of any city in America. Our politicians, police officers and professional sports athletes are former gang members. It’s engrained in our city’s DNA.

Below are excerpts from the book Romantic Violence in R World detailing the histories of some of Chicago’s most well-known street gangs. Forgive us if we don’t include every gang in the city. Your author only wrote about the gangs he encountered in real life, fighting beside and fighting against. None of the histories are taken from any one source, but are instead a culmination of a lifetime of experience and a few years of research.

All rights released - feel free to quote or reproduce any of the following histories so long as credit is given to the book Romantic Violence in R World, and if possible, a return link.


Insane Deuces (page 11)

Paulina Barry Community (page 13)

Insane Unknown Kings (page 38)

Insane Popes (page 64)

People & Folks Alliances (page 65)

Gaylords (page 68)

Jousters (page 83)

C-Notes (page 97)

Simon City Royals (page 148)

Insane Fish (page 304)

Playboys (page 311)


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